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Bonney Lake Locksmith Commercial Services

Being a business owner is a challenging endeavor that requires our best decision making capabilities. Some of your responsibilities are to hire a wide range of services in a daily basis. From cleaning personnel to specialized heavy machine operators, you must be able to evaluate your options accurately and choose the most suitable for your business purposes and needs. Safety is a top-priority issue when you are directing a business, and Locksmith Bonney Lake is the most affordable and proficient security provider you will find. In the business world, locks and doors must be able to resist the heavy traffic that results of having lots of employees and customers. The installation quality of these devices is also important, and we encourage you to always hire qualified professionals to perform it. Our experience and reputation precedes us, and we are pretty sure that you will find us as your best option.

We can improve your business security

At Locksmith Bonney Lake we are aware of the differences between the security devices used in your house and those we need for our commercial buildings. A business is often associated with wealth and valuable goods, and for good reason. This attracts the attention of burglars of all levels of skill that will probably try to take advantage of your security flaws. As a security service provider, we understand the need of being always a couple of steps ahead, and that’s precisely why we keep updating our knowledge about new techniques used by burglars so we can counter them in advance. Our priority is to make sure that the income source of your workers and your family is fully protected and preserved through time. To achieve this, we have developed exceptional skills in the following services.

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Bonney Lake Locksmith Re Keying


Modifying your locks to render the previous key useless can be a clever way to save some money and protect your business in case an employee quits or gets fired, or there are personnel rotations. Alternatively, it can be an emergency solution for lockout situations or when you just lose your keys. Our locksmiths are very good at this, and we encourage you to rekey your locks any time you suspect your safety is compromised.

Lock Repair and Install

Without proper maintenance, all mechanical devices tend to decline in their functioning with time. Commercial locks must endure heavy use, and this may lead to an accelerated wear. But this doesn’t necessarily imply that they have to be replaced, sometimes they can be repaired and their life span can be extended a little more. The pros at Locksmith Bonney Lake can evaluate the state of your locks to decide if they are worthy to be repaired and preserved, or if they should be replaced.
When your current locks are too old or seriously damaged, the best decision is to completely replace them with better ones. We recommend inspecting regularly your locks to make sure they are functioning properly. Locksmith Bonney Lake can perform any lock installation you need in a few minutes; we have the tools, the training and the experience to do it without damaging your doors or other hardware. We can deliver lot of different types of locks for you to decide, depending on your needs and your budget we will find the right one for you.
Bonney Lake Locksmith Lock Repair
Bonney Lake Locksmith Advanced Security

Advanced Security systems

Locksmith Bonney Lake can offer additional devices that will help to maximize your safety. We can install several layers of access control using master keying systems or advanced electronic locks with diverse unlocking methods. We have a great stock of armored doors with multiple locking systems, which resist lots of damage to make a burglary attempt too much time consuming.

Key Cutting and Replacement Services

We have the fastest key cutting services if you need extra keys. Having additional keys can be a practical measure to avoid lockouts or to give access to your employees to certain zones. Of course, we recommend rekeying your locks in case some of your keys are never retrieved. We can create a new lock even for a broken one, so you don’t have to change your locks unnecessarily.
Bonney Lake Locksmith Key Cutting
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