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Bonney Lake Locksmith Automotive Services

Having a car is a great advantage, as it allow us to travel long distances with minimum effort. Cars can make possible taking a job at the other side of the city, being on time for our appointments or drive our children to school. Being that useful, it makes perfect sense that they are provided with protective locking systems. Car theft rates are on the rise, and at Locksmith Bonney Lake we always tell our customers to make sure that their locks are functioning without problems. If you detect that there is something wrong with your car locks, give us a call to fix the issue before it become something serious.

What we offer

Car Lock rekeying. If you lost your car keys, an alternative to lock change can be lock rekeying. This means to alter the configuration of the lock so a brand new key can operate it. Locksmith Bonney lake can perform rekeys right on the spot; you don’t have to transport your vehicle to our store. Key extraction. When we turn our keys too roughly, we can twist them of even breaking them inside the lock. In these cases, don’t try to introduce random objects inside the lock and call us right away. At Locksmith Bonney lake we have special tools that allow us to extract the key without damaging the lock. After that, we can cut a new key using the pieces of the broken one as a guide pattern. Trunk unlock. This is a unusual request, but sometimes we receive a call of a customer who forgot the keys inside the trunk and locked it. Trunks are designed to be sturdier and very tough to bypass, and require specialized tools, depending on the type of vehicle, the brand and year. Fortunately, Locksmith Bonney lake have everything it takes to succeed in these rare situations.

Be safe on the road.

Locksmith Bonney lake is a security service provider, and because of that, we encourage our clients to have a proactive approach in their security. Is better to be prepared and avoid problems than wait for them to occur and expose ourselves to danger or estressful situations. Give us a call today and let us help you improve your car security!
Bonney Lake Locksmith What we offer
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24/7 Emergency Service

We are aware of the dangers of being on the road alone or with our family, and sometimes the locking system fails and create really unfortunate situations. Being locked out of your car sometimes happen when you really need to keep going, and it’s precisely here when Locksmith Bonney lake shines. Our ability to perform any locksmithing job right on the spot, make us a great ally in those dire situations.

Spare Keys

If you want to prevent a lockout situation, one of the most effective measures is to have your current keys duplicated. After doing that, you can give one copy to a trusted friend or family member. Locksmith Bonney lake offers the highest precision key cutting, and we can do it with laser or regular techniques.
Bonney Lake Locksmith Spare Keys
Bonney Lake Locksmith Ignition

Ignition Problems

The ignition is a very important device that allows us to start our vehicle. Since they are secured with a cylinder-key system, they are prone to all issues that normal locks have. Locksmith Bonney lake offers you the best technicians that can solve any situation with your ignition, from simple adjustments to a complete replacement.

Your business, our mission

At Locksmith Bellevue we are driven by community values that motivate us to always bring the best service to business owners. We love our city, and being capable to improve the job security of lots of our fellow citizens makes us very proud. We want you to become another success story in our list, give us call today.