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With more than 40 years in the security business, Locksmith Bonney Lake has consolidated itself in this city, providing a large variety of locksmithing services and devices, from simple keys and traditional locks, to surveillance systems, armored doors and safes. Thanks to our first-hand experience, we are confident that you will never be disappointed. Our mission since the beginning has been only one: to give our clients the feeling that they are safe wherever they are, be it their homes, workplaces or vehicles. A brief history
The 70s were rough times for the country, but that was not an obstacle to Joseph E. Rutledge and his family to leave their print in Bonney Lake’s history. They had the ambition to become the bosses of their own company, and in 1977, Locksmith Bonney Lake, a business that was aimed towards home and business security, was born. The 80’s marked our expansion and development. We opened our second and third agencies and started an emergency service thanks to the acquisition of a couple of vans. The advent of technology and new devices was a challenge, and we were among the first to include them in our services. Our fame grew fast and the city trusted us very quickly. We got the chance of upgrading the security systems in some of the city’s historic places, schools, banks, among others. In the late 90s Bonney Lake´s Town Hall was being renewed and we had the honor of putting our own stamp in the project. In 2009, despite being a relatively small enterprise among many others, our track record was so impressive that Locksmith Bonney Lake was a runner-up in various city contests for small businesses. We’ll be there for you, so why don’t you give us a call?
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